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“Living in Covenant with God”, An 11am Sanctuary Service Series

Lenten Lectionary Sermon Series 2018

For the Season of Lent, Pastor Dennis will present a  5  Week Sermon Series on, “Living in Covenant with God”

Sundays at 11am in the Sanctuary

This five-week sermon series will explore the character of God that calls us into covenant for renewal and salvation. We begin our covenant journey with Noah and God’s promise not to allow human sinfulness to destroy the earth. We then explore the covenant God makes with Abram and the blessing that shall come from his family, that blesses all the families of the earth. This leads us next the covenant God makes with Moses, giving a people laws to help them order their lives in community with each other. ext is the covenant God makes with David to establish his throne so that Israel can fulfill their long, projected destiny to be a blessing to all the earth’s families. The fulfillment of this blessing is seen by Jeremiah as a time in which God will put his laws – not onto stone and paper – but into the minds and written upon the hearts, of all who follow God’s commandments.

  • Feb 18 1st Sunday in Lent Genesis 9:8 – 17

“God’s Covenant with Noah”  God makes a covenant with the world to not destroy the earth because of human sin and wickedness. The God we worship is a God who will not allow human sin to destroy the earth.

  • Feb 25 2nd Sunday in Lent Genesis 17:1 – 7

“God’s Covenant with Abram”  God makes a covenant with Abram to bless his family with land and descendants, so that through him shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

  • Mar 4 3rd Sunday in Lent Exodus 20:1 – 17

“God’s Covenant through Moses”  God makes a covenant with a people to bless their community when they live in obedience, but warns them of the consequences of their disobedience.

  • Mar 11 4th Sunday in Lent 2 Samuel 7:5 – 16

“God’s Covenant through David”  God makes a covenant with a nation to bless their homeland in Canaan, and will establish the throne of David so that Israel can fulfill its ultimate destiny.

  • Mar 18 5th Sunday in Lent Jeremiah 31:31 – 34

“God’s New Covenant People”  Jeremiah sees a covenant that God will make with all people, a covenant where the laws of God will be put into the minds and written upon the hearts of all who are redeemed. Christians see this covenant fulfilled in Jesus Christ.


“The Cleansing,” A LifeSong Sermon Series

The Cleansing

A LifeSong Sermon Series

February 18th — March 11th,  9:15am

As we journey through the season of Lent, we are compelled to examine ourselves under the revealing light of Jesus. What are the evils that lie beneath keeping us from the life God has purposed for us?

In this four-week series we will allow the light of Christ to both reveal and restore; a much needed cleansing!

We will use the story of Naaman from 2Kings to:

Week 1: Acknowledge our sin and our need to be cleansed
Week 2: Actively move towards God for cleansing
Week 3: Navigate the world’s pushback on our pursuit of cleansing
Week 4: Maintain the cleansing God has done


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