Our Leadership Team

Rev. Dr. Dennis Flaugher

Rev. Dr Dennis Flaugher

Senior Pastor

Pastor Dennis is the lead pastor for our Sanctuary Worship Service
which meets Sundays at 11am, in the Sanctuary.

Bryan OrchardRev. Bryan Orchard

Associate Pastor

Pastor Bryan is the teaching pastor for our LifeSong Worship Service 

which meets Sundays at 9am in the Sanctuary.  He is also a member of our praise and worship band :Grace Station. He oversees our mission initiatives and Student ministries.


Rev. Amy Holmes

Associate Pastor

Pastor Amy is the teaching pastor for our Heritage Worship Service which meets Sundays at 9am in the chapel.  She also oversees our Children’s Ministries and  our Christian Education Events.

David Frost

David Frost

Director of Music

David oversees a vibrant music department here at Gray Church, which includes a Choir, Praise Band, Handbells, Childrens Choir, Quartets and a Bluegrass Band. If you are interested in joining one of the musical groups to share your talents in worship, then please contact him at david@grayumc.org.


IMG_4479Janet Range

Family Ministry Coordinator

Janet brings a lifetime of experience working with children and youth to our new Family Ministry position.  She will coordinate the children, youth and family ministries, creating a full church connection for the entire family.



Dawn Rambo


Dawn is the face of Gray Church.  She manages our office and business activities while greeting each visitor to the church.

_storage_emulated_0_Android_data_com.samsung.android.messaging_cache_Resized_20180809_094430_3919_1533822324198Elizabeth Fleenor

Preschool Director 

Elizabeth leads our Three Star rated preschool program which enrolls children ages 2- Kindergarten.


Pat Herron

Lay Visitor


Peggy Daugherty

Lay  Liaison, Event Coordinator



Amanda Adkins


A long time member of Gray Church, Amanda has worked with children in many capacities.  When not attending to children, Amanda enjoys the 11am Sanctuary Service.  She also is a “Table leader” for our 4G’s Women’s Ministry.

Anita Cox

Information Coordinator


2018 Ministry Teams

Council on Ministries

Chairpersons:  Debbie Sexton, John Baker, Lynice Broyles
Outreach:  Terry Smith, Don Sexton
Nurture:  Peggy Daugherty, Pat Herron
Communication:  Sandra Denney, Mark Reynolds
Witness:  Debbie Russell, Karla Wood
To see the minutes of the Council meetings, and other information click here.

Administrative Board:

Scott Foutch, Stacy Vaughan, Debbie Russell, Rodney Russell, Michael Bumgarner, Sandra Denney, Junior Little, Andi Hooper, Rick Storey, Connie Helton, Debbie Sexton, John Baker, Bessie Frost, George Walker, David Shipley, Jerel Ramsey, Bill Hamilton, Jordan Little, Ann Shipley, Jill Wireman



Junior Little, Steve Jones, Peggy Daugherty, Don Sexton, Richard Dennison, Don Hall, Kim Bradley, Joe Covert, Jordan Little


Staff Parish Relations:

Andi Hooper, Anita Cox, Tracy Cassell, Debbie Sexton, Ron Bishop, Emilee Little, Connie Ripley, Macy Bishop, Sue Hall


Finance Committee:

Rick Storey, Connie Helton, Debbie Sexton, John Baker, Junior Little, Rodney Russell, Michael Bumgarner, Andi Hooper, Ivan Barnes, Tom Chambers, Kay Jones


Committee on Lay Leadership:

David Shipley, April Little, Peggy Daugherty, Sandra Denney, Linda Souder, Judi Barron



Bob Denney, Mike Bumgarner, Steve  Jones, Darrell Tegtmeyer, Jill Wireman, Allan Bridges, David Frost, Michael Lucash


Technology Team:

Emily Grindstaff, David Frost, Ben Cassell, Michael Lucash, Wayne Daugherty


Communications Team:

Sandra Denney, Anita Cox, David Frost, Justin Little, Catie Little, Wendy Fleenor, Rachel Phillips, Vicki Reeser, Mark Reynolds


Worship Committee:

Debbie Russell, David Frost, Peggy Daugherty, April Little, Tracy Cassell, Janet Range, Macy Bishop, Cathy Humphries, Anita Cox


Preschool Governing Board:

Elizabeth Fleenor, Rev. Bryan Orchard, Emilee Little, Jenny Taylor, Beth Hall, Sandra Denney Rodney Russell