Adult Ministry and Christian Education

Educational opportunities for all ages Sundays at 10:15 am,

as well as, short term studies during the week.


Pastor’s Bible Study, Tuesdays 10:00am 

Meet in the chapel for lecture and discussion.


Christian Education Classes on Sundays at 10:15am 

Good News – Teacher: Regina Cline – Room 107 (downstairs, near kitchen)
Mixed class of senior adults. Class Emphasis: Bible study focusing on scripture as it relates to our lives.

Going Deeper – Teacher: Eric Barnes – Room 109 (downstairs, near kitchen)
Mixed class of young to middle adults. Class Emphasis: Detailed Bible study and lively discussion, often includes videos and media.

Reasoners – Teacher: George Walker – Room 110 (downstairs, end of hall)
Mixed class of older adults. Class Emphasis—Discussion class using Adult Bible Series to discover insights into scripture, includes focus on historical significance.

Mary’s and Martha’s – Teacher: Karla Wood – Room 201 (upstairs, top of stairs)
Middle-aged to older women. Class Emphasis: Biblical study with focus on prayer, encouragement and support.

Men’s Bible Class – Teacher: Bo Sheffey – Room 204 (upstairs, middle of hall)
Older men. Class Emphasis: Discussion style class using the Adult Bible Series

Circle of Friends – Teacher:                     – Room 205 (upstairs, middle of hall).
Mixed class for all ages, married or single adults. Class Emphasis: Learning God’s truths through study guides and open discussion in a caring atmosphere among friends.

Open Fellowship – Teachers: Bill Sluder, guests – Room 206 (upstairs, end of hall)
Mixed class of older adults, but open to any age. Class Emphasis: Studying God’s word using the Adult Bible Series and discussing applications for daily living.

Growing in Grace – Leaders: Debbie Sexton – Room 207 (upstairs, end of hall)
Mixed class of adults with families. Class Emphasis: Finding the Bible’s life applications in a discussion setting among friends.