Children’s Ministry

Sunday Morning @10:15

Kids’ F.A.I.R. Grounds Rotation Sunday School Program
We have your ticket to fun, faith-based adventures in learning about God!
In this new, exciting learning format, kids age 3 – 4th grade will study the same Bible story for one month in a variety of ways. Kids rotate with their age group (preschool – 1st Grade and 2nd – 4th Grades) to a different workshop each week to experience the story in a new way.
Kids F.A.I.R. Grounds workshops:
• The Main Stage – Drama and Storytelling
• Best in Show – Arts and Crafts
• Master’s Garden – Bible Skills
• Concession Stand – Cooking
• Midway Games – Recreation and Games

Gray UMC Children’s Ministry Mission Statement

We believe that children are a gift from God and have gifts to offer in the ministry of the church. We believe also that the church shares the responsibility with the parents for the spiritual growth of each individual.
Therefore, it is our purpose to help children establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and continue to grow in their faith through learning, worshipping, serving, and fellowship.
We try to present the Gospel to children in an age-appropriate manner while they have fun learning about God. Our programs are diverse and offer many opportunities for volunteers to utilize their God-given talents to touch the lives of these precious members of God’s Kingdom. In this way, we embrace the entire church family and bring generations together. We try to reach out to children with special needs and to provide a ministry that is flexible and adaptable to each situation.

 Sunday Evening @5 till 6:15

(starting September 10th)
Passing on our faith to our little ones is important at our church.  Our philosophy highlights and equips parents to share their faith with their children, provide a nurturing home  environment, not only for the child but for God’s Holy Spirit.  We believe that God will work in God’s time in the hearts and minds of these children.  How best can we come along side the divine and be a vessel of God’s love?

Listening to God’s Story…

Our children learn God’s story every Sunday morning at 10:15am by way of the rotational Sunday School Method. Every four weeks, a Bible story and memory verse are chosen. This scripture is taught four different ways, four different Sundays. Our learning centers are games, storytelling, drama and cooking.

Listening to one another (PLAY!)…

Our children hear one another’s story during our Sunday night gathering at 6pm.  A mixture of play, food, Bible study and music gives children a fun, relaxed atmosphere to build relationships with each other, supervising adults* and God by hearing more Bible stories and praying together.  We have two age groups K-2 and 3-5.

Being part of God’s Family….

Faith is not only taught, it is caught!  We give our families a chance just to be together.  Once a month, we offer the whole family a chance to relax together, build friendships and reflex on God’s love with fun events designed to engage the whole family.  
  •     September 20, food truck night (Opie’s Pizza) and a manned smores pit (church wide event)
  •   October 25 Soup Stir and TrunkRTreat 
  •     November 15  Family Movie Night and Popcorn in gym
  •     December 10, Children’s play
  •     December 29, 30, 31 CVBS (Christmas Vacation Bible School) with nightwatch worship on Dec 31
  •     February 7  Churchwide  indoor capture the flag 

Feeling part of God’s Family….

Every Sunday we take a few minutes in our worship to allow the children a special time with a pastor or layperson at the front of the church.  This communicates how important they are to us and to God!
*All supervising adults have submitted to a Safe Sanctuaries background check.

Special Activities for Children

Vacation Bible School
Special Christmas Children’s Program
Easter Egg Hunt
Trunk or Treat, Soup Stirring, Costume Contest at Halloween
Christmas Parade
Trips to farms, zoos, parks and aquariums
Summer Camp at Camp Bays Mountain

Vacation Bible School

Vacation bible school happens yearly.  check back for more info.