Every 60 seconds, malaria claims a life in Africa.

But there is hope!

Through Imagine No Malaria, $10 saves a life.


Imagine No Malaria is a $75 million effort of The United Methodist Church to eliminate malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. Achieving this goal will require a comprehensive approach to fighting this disease, on a larger scale than all previous efforts. To truly overcome malaria we must continue to support the most effective prevention methods, but also improve education about the disease, help establish community-based malaria control programs, conduct communications outreach through radio and revitalize hospitals and clinics to improve treatment across the African continent.

Malaria kills more than a million kids per year.

$10 saves a life.

Our Holston Conference goal is to save 100,000 lives by June.

During the month of April, Gray UMC will be focusing our efforts on awareness, education, support and fundraising for the powerful and impactful ministry of Imagine No Malaria.  As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord during this season, we will look for ways that we can bring new life, healing, and hope to those who are struggling to survive this treatable and preventable disease.

Jesus gave his life that we might live.

Can we each find $10 to give so that others might live?