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Those Good Four-Letter Words

Those Good Four-Letter Words

            My mother used to have a rule in our house … “no bad four-letter words allowed to be spoken, and if we thought them, keep them to ourselves.”  As a young boy I used to think that all bad words were four letter words, but now I have discerned


Regarding the Resurrection of Jesus…..plainly put, the evidence is in.

Proof #1 Opponents could have easily ended the early accounts of the resurrected Jesus by simply finding His body. Even when Peter preached at Pentecost in Jerusalem 50 days after the death of Jesus, no one challenged


Silence can be Sacred

          I ran across a quote recently that really caused me to pause and think … “The letters that spell the word “silent” are the same letters that spell the word, “listen.”  It’s true.  The other side of silence is to listen.  It is no wonder the psalmist wrote,


what is hidden in the story of Noah?

The story of Noah’s Ark is punctuated with all sorts of dramatic pictures: wild animals neatly lined up entering a large wooden boat, a violent storm and a rainbow.  That is what the reader remembers because those images are full of action.  However, hidden


Listening for His Footsteps

Listening for His Footsteps
​I recently heard a quote from the great 19th century German statesman, Otto Von Bismarck, who once said, “A statesman must wait until he hears the footsteps of God marching through history, then leap up and grasp the hem of His garment.” This was more than a thought for Bismarck, it was his vision; and many historians saw Bismarck as “a visionary who was instrumental in uniting Germany and keeping peace in Europe through adroit diplomacy.” Some historians believe that had it not been for Bismarck’s exceptional skills and vision, the Great War in Europe would have happened 50 years earlier.
​The irony in all this is that years later, Adolf Hitler commissioned a battleship to be built and called it the Bismarck, which he named after the great German diplomat. When work on the Bismarck was complete by August of 1940, it was the largest battleship ever built by Germany, and the largest ever built by any European country during World War II. Only Hitler’s insanity would turn a name of peace into a weapon of war.
​We need more Bismarck’s today – not the battleship variety – but the man who championed peace and kept Europe from war in the late 19th century. Of course, Bismarck was never placid. People who knew him said he was strong-willed, outspoken, and sometimes overbearing. But he had the eyes to see a purpose bigger than his own parade. He constantly was looking for God’s parade where he knew he would find the presence of one who could heal the divisions of many. I pray God help us to hear those footsteps that Bismarck often heard. It may be the way to make a world great again, a world at peace with each other.
Pastor Dennis

Change can surprise you.


I tried something new.  Every time I attempt something new as a pastor, for the benefit of the church, I am reminded of that cautionary tale.  It can be summed up in one sentence. “Nobody likes change except for a baby with a dirty diaper.”  But since the church (and pastors) can act like babies from time to time, the story has moved from cautionary to instructional.  So, there is a slim chance that someone out there might appreciate the change!

But enough of the philosophical projection and on to more pragmatic matters.  Last Sunday Pastor Dennis was on vacation.  That meant that I oversaw planning and leading worship on Sunday Morning.  So, I decided to invite the congregation to write down their prayer requests and leave them at the altar.  Usually, we call out names during our “sharing of joys and concerns”.  My plan was to collect those slips of paper and pray for each name and need during the Tuesday morning and Thursday night Bible Studies.  (I led those too.)  All things went as planned and the studies enjoyed praying for the Sunday morning concerns.  But as I collected the slips once again on Friday morning, two things happened.

I noticed some names that kept repeating.  I used those names to address cards for our Heritage worship’s card ministry.  That was not part of the original plan. Secondly, I noticed that (in addition to names) the prayer requests had small two or three sentences of story and background.  This was something that we cannot share during our prayer time due to limited time.  The personal touch that these prayer requests were truly moving.

I did not expect this outcome.  But risk or change can surprise you.  Serendipity:  heading out expecting results but getting better.  That is an official definition from the dictionary of Pastor Amy.  So, take a little risk, change a diaper, you might be surprised.
-Pastor Amy