The Church and Mid-Term Elections

        As we approach mid-term elections there will be a lot of people out campaigning for the candidates of their choice.  I love the fact that we live in a country where we have choice, the choice to elect those we want to represent in local, state and national government.


It is one thing for an individual to take a stand on a given political issue, but for the church to side with a political party, crosses a line we cannot cross as the body of Christ. Charles Colson in his book, Kingdoms in Conflict, writes “Evangelism, administering the sacraments, providing discipleship, fellowship, teaching the Word, and exhorting its members to holy living are the heartbeat of the church. When it addresses political issues, the church must not do so at the risk of weakening its primary mission. As mainline churches discovered in the sixties, the faster they churned out partisan statements, the faster they emptied their pews.”

        Colson wrote those words over 30 years ago, but this truth is still relevant today. I say vote for the person you believe is best for the job, but don’t expect your pastor to endorse any candidate, lest I compromise my own witness and the church.  My focus is on a different calling, the gospel of our Lord Jesus.


Pastor Dennis