Childrens Schedule January- June 2020

Sunday Night Schedule

January-June 2020

·      Jan. 12 normal meeting

·      Jan. 19th Normal meeting

·      Jan. 26th DQ

·      Feb. 2 NO MEETING

·      Feb. 9th Normal meeting

·      Feb. 16th DQ

·      Feb. 23rd bowling

·      March 1 normal meeting

·      March 8th Normal meeting

·      March 15th Movie

·      March 22nd DQ

·      March 29th No meeting (Spring Break Washington County)

·      April 5th Normal meeting

·      April 11th Saturday (Easter Egg Hunt)

·      April 12th EASTER NO MEETING

·      April 19th Normal meeting

·      April 26th DQ

·      May 3rd Normal meeting

·      May 10th NO MEETING (MOTHER’S DAY)

·      May 17th Picnic/playground at Warriors Park

·      May 24th No meeting

·      May 31st DQ

·      June 7th NO MEETING


·      June 21st NO MEETING (FATHER’S DAY)

·      June 28th DQ





Trip to see Wizard of Oz

We are so proud of Gavin Taylor! 
He will be a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz at the Paramount in Bristol. 
Our group will be supporting him by taking off to Bristol on Sunday, June 23rd.

An opportunity to help our church grow

Vacation Bible School will be June 3-7, 5:30-7:30pm.  Hold tight for more details.  And think about pitching in.   Wanna make our church grow?  Just show up.  You’ll be amazed.  

Introducing your child to Sunday night Children’s Ministry

The how-tos of introducing your child to Sunday night Children’s Ministry

As I survey the congregation, I see children that are not attending on Sunday night.  Sometime schedules do allow but sometime kids are just shy.  I’ve watched new family introduce their children and this is what seems to work best.  Take a Sunday to attend with your child.  By doing this, a parent or grandparent sends the message that church is important and it give the child a feeling of safety.  As the night rolls on, give your child space as they explore.  After a few Sunday’s most children feel ready to jump into our many activities.  It really boils down to this:  just show up.  We start at 5pm every Sunday night.

Our children will be taking the bus to Dairy Queen after our music time with Ms. Nancy once a month.  The next DQ Sunday nights are March 17th, April 14th, May 19th and June 23rd.  This is a great way to introduce your little one to our children’s gathering.  All you have to do is show up…..pastor amy

Thank you volunteers!

The children’s department would like to express a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers. We have a snack schedule headed by Mrs. Debbie Russel. Not once have we gone with out a snack and we usually have a fresh fruit portion. Thank you for your faithfulness and your attention to nutrition. Ms. Nancy is our music teacher. She is faithful to come every Sunday night and she helps our children lead worship in song in our 11am worship services. Our teachers are ever-evolving. We are grateful for our congregation that is so open to spending time with our children. Even Pastor Dennis teaches the children 4 Sunday nights a year! We have faithful volunteers (like Emory and Eric Barnes and Alice Lucas) that work with Emiliee Little to herd children, pick-up, supervise bathroom breaks and do whatever is needed. Thank you for your service to “the least of these”. It is our honor to show them Jesus’ love every Sunday night.We also have a number of parents and grandparents that attend our planning meetings. They bring such energy and thoughtfulness to our planning. In addition to what we offer, every fourth Sunday we have children’s church during the 11am worship hour. Thank you Amy Blumberg and Joey Torrez. So thank you to everyone and keep up the good work. Our children’s department continues to grow thanks to your energy and time!….pastor amy