Children’s Ministry

Sunday Evenings 5-6 pm
Children’s 5pm meeting will resume on June 30 for a lesson, snack, playtime and music.
We have two age groups K-2nd  and 3rd-5th Grade.

Listening to God’s Story…

Our children learn God’s story every Sunday morning at 10:15am by way of the rotational Sunday School Method. Every four weeks, a Bible story and memory verse are chosen. This scripture is taught four different ways, four different Sundays. Our learning centers are games, storytelling, drama and cooking.

Listening to one another (PLAY!)…

Our children hear one another’s story during our Sunday night gathering at 6pm.  A mixture of play, food, Bible study and music gives children a fun, relaxed atmosphere to build relationships with each other, supervising adults* and God by hearing more Bible stories and praying together.  

Being part of God’s Family….

Faith is not only taught, it is caught!  We give our families a chance just to be together.  Once a month, we offer the whole family a chance to relax together, build friendships and reflex on God’s love with fun events designed to engage the whole family.  

Feeling part of God’s Family….

Every Sunday we take a few minutes in our worship to allow the children a special time with a pastor or layperson at the front of the church.  This communicates how important they are to us and to God!

Thank you volunteers!

The children’s department would like to express a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers. We have a snack schedule headed by Mrs. Debbie Russel. Not once have we gone with out a snack and we usually have a fresh fruit portion. Thank you for your faithfulness and your attention to nutrition. Ms. Nancy is our music teacher. She is faithful to come every Sunday night and she helps our children lead worship in song in our 11am worship services. Our teachers are ever-evolving. We are grateful for our congregation that is so open to spending time with our children. Even Pastor Dennis teaches the children 4 Sunday nights a year! We have faithful volunteers (like Emory and Eric Barnes and Alice Lucas) that work with Emiliee Little to herd children, pick-up, supervise bathroom breaks and do whatever is needed. Thank you for your service to “the least of these”. It is our honor to show them Jesus’ love every Sunday night.We also have a number of parents and grandparents that attend our planning meetings. They bring such energy and thoughtfulness to our planning. In addition to what we offer, every fourth Sunday we have children’s church during the 11am worship hour. Thank you Amy Blumberg and Joey Torrez. So thank you to everyone and keep up the good work. Our children’s department continues to grow thanks to your energy and time!….pastor amy

Our Children’s Ministry is a Safe Sanctuary program!

Safe Sanctuaries® is simply an effort through policy and procedure to create a safe place for the most vulnerable of our church family and our visitors.  All our volunteers undergo background checks.  We do not allow anyone with a criminal background to work with our children (although they are welcome to participate in other areas of ministry). Safe Sanctuaries® is a “social structure that is consistent with the gospel” (Official UMC statement) allowing our sanctuaries, classrooms, mission encounters, camps and retreats, and all spaces where we gather to worship and serve God to be places of trust.

Special Activities for Children

Vacation Bible School
Special Christmas Children’s Program
Easter Egg Hunt
Trunk or Treat, Soup Stirring, Costume Contest at Halloween
Christmas Parade
Trips to farms, zoos, parks and aquariums
Summer Camp at Camp Bays Mountain