Financial Peace

Average Credit Card debt of Americans….15,762$
Average auto loan debt…..27,191$
Average mortgage debt…168,614$
Student loans debt….43,141$
God meant for us to have life more abundantly.  If you feel your life is being robbed of joy due to financial issues, if you and your significant other cannot see eye to eye, if you have suffered a financial set back and need a new plan, if the arguing about money has you on the edge….

  • Starting January 5-March 8, Financial Peace Seminar will be offered at Gray Church every Sunday afternoon from 4pm-6pm. 
  • Childcare provided. 
  • Will not meet Super bowl Sunday.

This is a proven way of approaching money that helps eliminate the stress, it teaches us how to talk about money, it gives us a way to live within our means and find peace.

The packets for the 9 week seminar are 90$.  If that is a stretch for you, talk to pastor Amy.  Pastor Amy and seminar leader Tracy Cassel will be making rounds to Sunday School classes soon to show the packet and answer questions.
In the meantime, email Pastor Amy