Our Leadership Team


Rev. Aaron Atchley

Senior Pastor

Aaron Atchley is an ordained elder in the Holston Conference and a life-long United Methodist. Aaron met his wife Brooke, a native of Blountville, while they were both students and participating in a mission trip with the ETSU Wesley Foundation. The couple has served in ministry both in the local church and in community ministry. After many years of youth ministry, in 2008 Aaron left his position at Wesley Memorial UMC (Johnson City) and Brooke as Executive Director of Neighborhood Reconciliation Services, to further their education at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. Aaron graduated with a Master of Divinity and Brooke with a Master of Servant Theology. 
You may contact Aaron at aaron@grayumc.org

David Frost

David Frost

Director of Music

David oversees a vibrant music department here at Gray Church, which includes a Choir, Praise Band, Handbells, Childrens Choir, Quartets and a Bluegrass Band. If you are interested in joining one of the musical groups to share your talents in worship, then please contact him at david@grayumc.org.

Adrian Torres

Director of Youth Ministry.
Contact Adrian by email at adrian@grayumc.org



Dawn Rambo


Dawn is the face of Gray Church.  She manages our office and business activities while greeting each visitor to the church.  Contact Dawn by email at dawn@grayumc.org

elizabethElizabeth Fleenor

Preschool Director

Elizabeth oversees our preschool which is licensed through the State of Tennessee.
Contact Elizabeth  by email at elizabeth@grayumc.org


Peggy Daugherty

Lay  Liaison, Event Coordinator

Contact Peggy by email at peggy@grayumc.org

2020 Ministry Teams

Council on Ministries

Chairpersons:     Lynice Broyles, Chairperson, John Baker, Vice Chair

Nurture Team:    Peggy Daugherty, Serena Ripley

Outreach Team:  Don Sexton, Terry Smith, Becky Olterman, Amy Blumberg

Witness Team:     Debbie Russell, Mark Reynolds, Jessica Denney

Communications:  Sandra Denney

Pastors and Staff:  Aaron Atchley, David Frost

Council on Ministries Members at Large

Joanna Baker, Debbie Sexton (SPR Chair), Rodney Russell (Lay Leader)

To see the minutes of the Council meetings, and other information click here.

Administrative Board:

Chairperson:  Bob Denney

Recording Secretary:  Dawn Rambo

Lay Leaders: Debbie Russell, Rodney Russell

Lay Members to Annual Conference:  Lynice Broyles

Trustees Chair: Junior Little

Staff Parish Relations Chair: Andi Hooper (Debbie Sexton interim)

Finance Chair: Rick Storey

Council on Ministry Chairs:  Lynice Broyles and John Baker

Treasurer:  Connie Helton

Communication Comm. Chair: Sandra Denney

Young Adult Representative:   Adrian Torres

Youth Representative: Rachel Helton

Members at Large:      Bessie Frost, David Shipley, Dennis Zollinger, Anita Fleenor, Ann Shipley, April Little, Jill Wireman, Mark Reynolds

Members Emeritus     Bill Hamilton, George Walker


Steve Jones, Peggy Daugherty, Laura Weaver, Richard Dennison, Don Hall, Ron Bishop, Junior Little, Jordan Little, Sue Hall

To see the minutes of the Trustees’ meetings, and other information- Click Here.

Staff Parish Relations:

Tracy Cassell, Ed Stewart, Jessica Denney, Emilee Little, Connie Ripley, Paul Fleenor, Sue Hall, Nick Norton     Andi Hooper- chair Debbie Sexton- interim chair

Finance Committee:

Chairperson:  Rick Storey

Connie Helton, Bob Denney, Debbie Sexton, John Baker, Lynice Broyles, Junior Little,  Rodney Russell Andi Hooper, Dawn Rambo, Ivan Barnes, Tom Chambers, Kay Jones, Judy Holden, Randy Humphries, Phil Sells, Linda Souder, Tammy Vaughn, Scott Powers

Committee on Lay Leadership:

Chairperson, Rev. Aaron Atchley

Lay Leader, Rodney Russell


Chairperson, Bob Denney, Jill Wireman, Allan Bridges, Darrell Tegtmeyer, Michael Lucash, Steve Jones, David Frost, Junior Little

Technology Team:

David Frost, Ben Cassell, Michael Lucash, Wayne Daugherty

Communications Team:

Wendy Fleenor, Emily Grindstaff, Emori Barnes, Mark Reynolds, Nicki Salyer, Anita Cox, Vicki Reeser, Preston Ayers,  Lynice Broyles

Worship Committee:

Anita Cox, Lynice Broyles, Cathy Humphries, April Little, David Frost, Tracy Cassell, Peggy Daugherty, Nicki Judy, Diana Gail Storey

Preschool Governing Board:

Chairperson: Rodney Russell

Emilee Little,  Beth Hall,  Rodney Russell,  Jenny Taylor,  Sandra Denney, Elizabeth Fleenor, Judy Holden, Peggy Daugherty.