Meeting- January 29th, 2020

           As to our meeting last Sunday, we talked about what is the best use of our time together as a COM team.  

  1. Define the Ministries … The COM has the authority to create, continue, or discontinue ministries of the church as they are evaluated on an annual basis.  It’s all about the questions:  1.  What are we doing that needs to stop, or be discontinued?  2.  What are we doing that needs to continue?  3.  What are we not doing that needs to start, or be created?  … I think those three questions are well within the purview of the Council on Ministries.  What this means is that any new ministry that is held on church grounds, whether it is sponsored by Gray UMC or not, needs to come before the COM and seek approval.  By implementing this new step, we will avoid any further comments that some ministries were initiated in secret, as if we have something to hide.


  1. Evaluate the Ministries … We should never believe that any ministry is made to last forever.  As wonderful as APPLE BUTTER was, it too had a shelf life.  This is true of all our ministries.  So, what we need to do is explore a tool for evaluating ministries that take place here at the church.  It may be as simple as meeting with the people in charge of that ministry once a year, asking them how it is going, and whether they wish to continue, or not continue.  I personally think it will encourage more volunteerism, if people know that they are committed for only a certain period of time, and that we will evaluate every year, including allowing volunteers the option to reup, or redirect their service into another area of ministry.


  1. COM as Event Team … While many of our ministries are run by many different people who are not on the COM, we decided that for the COM team itself, taking on special events and making them happen would be a good use of our time.  Our focus now is on THE SUNDAY MORNING CONNECTION held each Sunday from 10 to 10:30 am.  We assigned four people to specifically look at how we can improve communication and support for CONNECTION.  The rest of us are to encourage as many as we can to come and participate in CONNECTION on Sunday mornings.  There was much discussion about what kind of food to offer, the different classes and groups that can each sponsor a Sunday CONNECTION time, and the way the hall is to be set up.


I will leave it up to the four people on this team, which are Lynice Broyles, Amy Blumberg, Jessica Denney, and Peggy Daugherty.  (Did I get those names right?) 


  1. COM Video Team … David Frost and Mark Reynolds will work on making a video that will advertise THE SUNDAY MORNING CONNECTION and have these videos played in worship on Sunday mornings.  Will we put them on our website and FACEBOOK as well?  I think if we have different Sunday school classes sponsor THE SUNDAY MORNING CONNECTION as well as LifeGroups and Church Committees, then maybe representatives from those committees will meet with David and Mark to make their own version of their class, or LifeGroup, or committee’s day of sponsorship.  David and Mark, you make the decision on that one.  I will Cc… the church leadership those they might be kept informed.


In conclusion, we need not forget that there are implementation teams that will be emerging within the next couple of months.  While much has been done on meaningful worship to take us to one worship service while we seek to discern whether we will stay as a church of one worship service, or go to being a church of two worship services; there will also emerge a facilities team with children and youth that will explore how we can enlarge our playground for both the church and our preschool, and an implementation team for local outreach ministries.  We hope to have a more detailed report on those emerging groups at our next AD BOARD meeting on March 1st at 4 pm.  It is an open meeting and I hope everyone can come out an attend on March 1st.