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Life Groups



Big Picture – What Are They? Life Groups are simply another venue for you to experience the richness of community that you were created for.  From the beginning, God the Father has existed in community alongside the Son and Holy Spirit.  Life Groups are a reflection of that ‘togetherness.’ Life Groups generally consist of 6-12 people that seek to gather weekly or bi-weekly to encourage and support one another, identify and use God’s gifts in the world, and both challenge and grow one another in becoming more like Jesus.
How Do I Know Which Life Group Is The Best Fit For Me? Life Groups are defined by a shared interest, stage of life, gender etc…  You have the option to choose which LG best suits you (see Life Group Breakfast Fair details below)!
When/Where Do Life Groups Meet? Generally, the LG leaders will determine the when/where before the initial gathering; however, each Life Group has the capacity to make desired or necessary changes.
What Is the Life Expectancy of a Life Group?  The current plan is for Life Groups to remain intact from Sept. 2019 through Sept. 2020.  Life Groups will be added/subtracted and relaunched annually.    
What About Childcare? Individual Life Groups are empowered to creatively work out childcare through the group itself.    
How Are Life Groups Different Than Sunday School?  Life Groups and Sunday School both concern themselves with balancing the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.  Primarily, what distinguishes a Life Group is its flexibility to meet beyond Sunday mornings, having a cap on the number participating for purposes of intimacy and accountability, and some sort of shared/common life denominator.  

2019 Life Group Breakfast Fair! 

Sunday, August 25th (9:45-10:45) in the FLC

During this hour you will be introduced to our Life Group Leaders for the coming year and have an opportunity to sign up for the LG that you’d like to be a part of.

What does it mean to be a Life Group Leader?

  • A Life Group Leader is one who is willing to lead a small community amidst the larger community of Gray UMC
  • A Life Group Leader is altogether a facilitator, servant, encourager, and minister to the members of his/her life group. The Life Group Leader will oversee the varied elements of the LG gatherings and strive to intentionally engage group member participation. 
  • LGL’s are given the opportunity to determine the focus area for the group they aspire to lead whether it be mission, discipleship, gender, stage of life, or simply relationally based.

What are some qualities of an effective Life Group Leader?

Relational: One who feels comfortable engaging others

Real: One who is honest and authentic about his/her relationship with Jesus

Reliable: One who can be counted on to be present for the members of his/her Life Group

Resourceful: One who is confident to be creative

Receptive: One who is willing to listen well and be responsive to what is heard

 What does it mean to be a Life Group Host?

  • Hosting a Life Group simply means that you have the space in your home to comfortably accommodate a group of up to twelve people and are willing to do so at the requested set time.
  • Life Groups often enjoy food together and hosts will need to allow for this and the possibility that groups may want to use the kitchen area to prepare meals. The Super-Host is one who would be willing to provide a meal for the Life Group!
  • Most Life Groups will utilize a media component to their gatherings and access to a Smart T.V. at the host home will be a big plus.


If you are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a Life Group Leader or Host you can contact Bryan Orchard at for more details.  On Wednesday, August 14th @ 6pm we will have an introductory training session for all those willing to play a role in Gray’s new adventure.  Please let us know if you plan to attend.

You can also stop by the LifeGroup table and talk with one of our current LifeGroup leaders

Sermon Series Talk Back Sessions

During the month of August when Pastor Dennis is preaching on “The Radical Center,” there will be an opportunity for you to explore deeper what he has said with a “sermon talk back series” to be held each Thursday at 7 p.m. in the chapel of Gray Church. 
The way it works is simple.  Come to church on Sunday and take notes in church on the pastor’s sermon writing down any comments or questions you have during the sermon.  Then bring those questions and comments with you on Thursday night to the chapel for discussion in the sermon talk back session with Pastor Dennis.  Everyone is invited to respond to any and all questions asked during this sermon talk back session.  Months topics below:
Sermon Series on “The Radical Center”

11 a.m. Sundays in the Sanctuary


August 04th       The Language of Debate                  Acts 15: 1 – 11

                                                                                 I Corinthians 1:10  

August 11th       The Passion of Experience                 Acts 19:1 – 7—–talk back canceled

                                                                                 I Corinthians 14:19  

August 18th       The Logic of Hell                              Mark 9:43 – 48——talk back canceled

                                                                                Matthew 10:28  

August 25th       The Promise of Heaven                    Revelation 21:1 – join us this week for Talk Back with Pastor Dennis

Sermon Series on Prayer

A new sermon series on prayer begins on July 7thand runs all month in our 11 a.m. Sanctuary Service. I hope you will bring a friend with you. I can think of no opportunity more fortunate, or joy filled ministry available to us, than to do God’s work in prayer. In fact, Oswald Chambers once wrote, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work. Prayer is the greater work.” This greater work is at the heart of being a church.
– Pastor Dennis


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