On Pride and Prejudice

         In Mark 12:38 – 40 we are warned to avoid a desire for deference and our penchant toward prejudice.  Is pride and prejudice always bad?  Not always. When we take pride in our children’s accomplishments, our soldiers military service, and employees hard work to help business success, that is a good sense of pride.  Even prejudice can be good if we are prejudice against evil and those who do evil. 


         The warning is to not let pride and prejudice cause discrimination against others for personal gain.  Live a God-centered life that puts the needs of others in front of your own.  Today, be prejudice against evil, and consider the good achievements of others.  Be proud of them and tell them how proud you are of their work.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 says there is a time for everything.  Perhaps today is a time to heal and to build up.


Pastor Dennis