Sanctuary Worship at 11

While the 11:00 A.M. Sanctuary Worship is a more formal service, based on the traditional model of worship with clergy wearing robes and stoles and preaching that is lectionary based, we have a variety of musical groups that range from a 30-voice chancel choir supported by organ and piano to a bluegrass band and stringed instruments.
This is a positive, uplifting service that focuses on the love of God extended to all in Jesus Christ. The service is designed to go 60 minutes and the Sacrament of Holy Communion is observed every first Sunday of each month. As United Methodists, we observe an “Open Table” when we worship on Holy Communion Sundays. You do not have to be a member of our church to receive Holy Communion. Our table is “open” to all, members and nonmembers, who wish to repent of their sin, lead a new life, and live in charity with their neighbor.
We strive to be a people of open minds, open hearts, and open doors where God’s grace and forgiveness in Jesus Christ are extended to all who receive him still.
The lead pastor for the Santuary service is Dr. Dennis Flaugher
You are welcome to come and join us in the worship of Christ each Sunday.

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The Scott Family at Gray UMC

Join us March 31st at 11am as The Scott Family, a Southern Gospel Music group from Greene County, TN, leads us in an all music worship service. This is a Fifth Sunday combined worship event and will be followed by a lunch. Come and join us!

Blue Christmas Worship Experience

Blue Christmas

Saturday, December 22, at 7pm


These past two months and, presently, December have presented us with three holidays, Halloween/All Saints Day, Thanksgiving and Advent/Christmas.  Each holiday has brought its own emotional expectation.  Halloween/All Saints leaves us with the wonderment of the afterlife, Thanksgiving helps us ponder gratitude and Advent/Christmas help us prepare for a God who comes in the most unexpected ways.  The thought of mixing all three together takes away from each.

This is especially true with Christmas.  Christmas has such a family, cozy, secure feeling attached to it.  Just as you could not imagine mixing this vision with Halloween or Thanksgiving, how could you mix it with a funeral?  Yet that is where many of our family and friends find themselves every year.  Many have suffered a death of a loved one, a divorce, a job loss or a new challenge of living with cancer.  (These are just a few, life presents us with many more.)  Merriment around these situations can be like salt on an open wound, reminding them of what was and what will never be. 


That is why Gray United Methodist Church will be offering a Blue Christmas worship experience.  On the longest night of the year, Saturday December 22, Gray UMC will open its doors at 7pmTears will be welcome as we longingly read God’s promises, recite the words of our ancient brothers and sisters and sing songs of hope.  Each participant will be invited to come forward and light a candle to represent their loss.  Our worship will be a reflective place for all who grieve and honor the human emotions that surround loss.  Our time together will represent our long struggle before the light of Christ shines fully.  We invite you to join us, Saturday December 22 at 7pm in our chapel for a worship experience entitled “Blue Christmas”….Pastor Amy

“The Gifts of Christmas”, 11am Sanctuary Sermon Series

“The Gifts of Christmas”

Sundays at 11 a.m. in the Sanctuary

This Advent season at 11 a.m. in the Traditional Service at Gray UMC pastor Dennis Flaugher is doing a four-week sermon series on the four gifts of Christmas Jesus brings to our world … his gifts of hope, peace, joy, love.  These are the gifts God brings to us. What we do with them is our gift back to God. Come and worship with us as we light a different candle each Sunday to symbolize these four wonderful gifts of this holy and blessed Christmas season.

Milligan College Concert Choir and Orchestra- Sept 30th

The Milligan College Concert Choir and Orchestra

The Milligan College Concert Choir, Heritage Choir and Orchestra will provide the music for an all music worship service at Gray United Methodist Church in Gray, Tennessee, on Sunday, September 30, at 11 a.m.  
Please join us for a wonderful worship service with a lunch to follow.
Read the official press release here.
Find us at 2108 Oak St, Gray TN 37615

 Milligan College Choir

Milligan College Concert Choir

The Milligan College Concert Choir is an auditioned ensemble that proudly upholds a long tradition of choral excellence within the Christian liberal arts context of the college.


The Solid Rock Quartet, July 1st at 11am

11am Sanctuary Worship Service
We are thrilled to have The Solid Rock Quartet, founded at Tennessee Tech University, be a part of our 11am Sanctuary Worship Service on July 1st.
…Finding their beginnings in late 2017, Mitchell Snapp (Bass), Wes Hutton (Baritone), Trey Belcher (Lead), and Addison Walden (Tenor) found their voice and decided to follow God’s call  to sing in churches and events all over the area. We would like to thank all of those who have supported us thus far and pray for your continued support in the future. As always, we hope that something we say, sing, or do will be a blessing to you, and we pray that God will use us to speak to you in some way.