Sermon Series Talk Back Sessions

During the month of August when Pastor Dennis is preaching on “The Radical Center,” there will be an opportunity for you to explore deeper what he has said with a “sermon talk back series” to be held each Thursday at 7 p.m. in the chapel of Gray Church. 
The way it works is simple.  Come to church on Sunday and take notes in church on the pastor’s sermon writing down any comments or questions you have during the sermon.  Then bring those questions and comments with you on Thursday night to the chapel for discussion in the sermon talk back session with Pastor Dennis.  Everyone is invited to respond to any and all questions asked during this sermon talk back session.  Months topics below:
Sermon Series on “The Radical Center”

11 a.m. Sundays in the Sanctuary


August 04th       The Language of Debate                  Acts 15: 1 – 11

                                                                                 I Corinthians 1:10  

August 11th       The Passion of Experience                 Acts 19:1 – 7—–talk back canceled

                                                                                 I Corinthians 14:19  

August 18th       The Logic of Hell                              Mark 9:43 – 48——talk back canceled

                                                                                Matthew 10:28  

August 25th       The Promise of Heaven                    Revelation 21:1 – join us this week for Talk Back with Pastor Dennis