September 2020

Acts of Planting

Acts 28:11-31

“The Details Matter”

“The Details Matter” Acts 18:1-11 & 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

“Acts of God”

“Acts of God” Acts 17:16-34.

August 2020

“Acts of the Anonymous”

“Acts of the Anonymous” Acts 15:22-35

The Man Who Saved the New Testement

Pastor Aaron delivers his next message based on Acts.

Building Bridges and Breaking Walls

“Building Bridges and Breaking Walls” based on Acts 10:19-36, 44-48

The Once Blind Who See

“The Once Blind Who See”   Acts 9:1-12

Unity of the Spirit

“Unity of the Spirit” Acts 6:1-7

July 2020

The Deadly Poison of Hypocrisy

“The Deadly Poison of Hypocrisy” Acts 5:1-11

Acts of Generous Hearts

“Acts of Generous Hearts”  Acts 4:32-37 and Psalm 51:10-15