August 2020

The Man Who Saved the New Testement

Pastor Aaron delivers his next message based on Acts.

Building Bridges and Breaking Walls

“Building Bridges and Breaking Walls” based on Acts 10:19-36, 44-48

The Once Blind Who See

“The Once Blind Who See”   Acts 9:1-12

Unity of the Spirit

“Unity of the Spirit” Acts 6:1-7

July 2020

The Deadly Poison of Hypocrisy

“The Deadly Poison of Hypocrisy” Acts 5:1-11

Acts of Generous Hearts

“Acts of Generous Hearts”  Acts 4:32-37 and Psalm 51:10-15

On the Mark and Set to Go

“On the Mark and Set to Go” based on Acts 2:1-21, 36-47

Extraordinary, Unremarkable Believers

Reverend Atchley’s first Sunday at Gray UMC.  He will lead us in a sermon series on the early church as told in Acts.