The Trustees oversees the physical structures of Gray Church.
Below are the minutes and other information from our Trustees.

Trustees Meeting 11-3-19

In attendance – Junior Little, Don Hall, Richard Dennison, Steve Jones, Dennis Flaugher, Sue Hall, Peggy Daugherty, Amy Holmes

Steve opened meeting with prayer.

Amy brought up the bird feeder that trustees had already approved. Noah Vaughn built a feeder and location is already decided. She asked if it could be put up outside the sanctuary on communion Sundays and moved back to location the rest of the time. Steve suggested placing a pie in ground to hold the feeder which would make it easier to place.

Ramp area – We are getting estimate for carpet next week so we will know cost. Bill Sluder will talk to Bur-Wil about repairing the concrete but we don’t have the money right now to replace carpet.

We had a price to move the choir rail back but we do not have money right now so we will have to get a new estimate later.

Sunday School moves – Dennis and Junior had looked at all SS rooms. Mary and Martha met in the conference room for a while but moved back to the original room upstairs. Open Fellowship class do not want to move either. We have two rooms downstairs for other purposes. Bill Sluder talked about emergency evacuation for upstairs area. He suggested replacing wood trim to non-flammable for evacuation purposes. Junior will talk to Bill.

Gym Floor Quote – $3705 – Can’t afford right now. Lifegroup worked in pre-school area and deep cleaned in October. Peggy is working with cleaning folks to get floors stripped and waxed.

AC-FLC – Junior got estimate for A/C in gym. Price of $59,000. 10 indoor and 3 outdoor units. This is only one quote. We can get more quotes and could pull the heat pump people in when money is available.

Camera for nursery – Don’t have camera in nursery or upstairs. Steve has talked to Bob about moving on we currently have. We need for Taylor as well as the children. We also do not have any cameras on the Oak Street side. Steve will continue talking to Bob and get something done.

Parking Lot in front of church – Steve had lights added to parking lot. Thanks to Steve.

Church clean up day – Peggy will schedule for spring.

Carpet cleaning – $525 to clean all of ramp area and office area. Steve made motion and second by Richard. Approved.

Windows in gym – We have had several leaks in gym from windows above. We have a quote to cover with 2×4’s and plywood and siding – he will provide all material for $700. Steve asked for a 3 year warranty on leaks. Motion by Peggy. Second by Sue. Approved.

Doors – since 9-15-19 Don has found 2 inside doors and one outside door unlocked.

Amy Pre-School – They would like to use double doors for parents to come in. Amy asked us to look at door bell for that door.

Open house went well and got new people and now have a waiting list.


Meeting adjourned.