What is your Joy?

     Gray United Methodist Church is quite blessed to have three very distinct worship opportunities with three different preaching pastors.  The truth is, if you don’t like one service, or the preaching there just does not connect with you, you have two other services to check out.   We have something for everyone at the Gray United Methodist Church.
         If I could change anything about all three of our services, it would be to hear more joys.  We do great on bringing our concerns to God, but outside of birthdays and anniversaries, we don’t share many joys in worship.  Why is that?  When a visitor comes to our church, and they don’t hear many joys, what does that say about how we see God in life?
       The point of worship is to praise God and bring glory to his name, but God wants to hear our joys as well.  You and I have been blessed ~ and every week God does something good in our lives. Imagine how much God would love to hear us give him some praise by sharing our joys and saying, “Thank you God.” What do you have to give thanks?
Pastor Dennis