Welcome to  Contemplative Worship

@ 9am in our Chapel

What does it mean to be contemplative?
Think of your mind as a river. Thoughts float by. In contemplative prayer the goal is to learn to just let the thoughts go, in other words, let them float by so you can just focus on God’s presence. (Examples are: I need to clean the oven, that dress has to be returned, wonder if JC Penney is open? …. etc.) Just let those fleeting thoughts go. Be with God, no expectations or pressure, just be.
My seminary professor said to imagine these passing thoughts as balloons. We see them, then we release them, and they float away. Then we refocus. Our goal is simply being in God’s presence.
How does contemplation help us worship God?
In our 9am Lenten worship series, we calm ourselves before the scripture reading by being contemplative. We slow down, empty our minds, breathe deeply. We prepare ourselves to hear the holy scriptures read. After the reading, we sit in silence and “soak” in God’s word.
How can this worship style help me?
Silence, breathing, clearing one’s mind, slowing one’s body are practices that help with anxiety, stress and discernment. Practicing these disciplines in Christian worship gives one a way to integrate the meaning of God’s Word with our busy lives in a healing, holistic way.
The lead pastor for the Heritage service is
Reverand Amy Holmes