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Lifesong – What You Can Expect

Lifesong features a casual and modern worship experience that appeals to all ages with music led by Grace Station. The teaching pastor for this service is Pastor Bryan Orchard and the messages are encouraging, challenging, relevant, and enhanced through the visual gift of media. Our hope is that through the friendly fellowship, the music, and the Christ-centered messages, you will be drawn into a deeper and more purposeful relationship with Jesus Christ.
You should have no concerns as it relates to attire! You are likely to see everything from shorts to suits. Come as you are and join a community that is striving to reach its community.
Children and families are encouraged to attend and participate. Bible Backpacks for kids are also available so that our youngest worshipers can engage in the service at their own ways. Holy Communion is shared on the first Sunday of each month and at other special occasions.

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The Scott Family at Gray UMC

Join us March 31st at 11am as The Scott Family, a Southern Gospel Music group from Greene County, TN, leads us in an all music worship service. This is a Fifth Sunday combined worship event and will be followed by a lunch. Come and join us!

Blue Christmas Worship Experience

Blue Christmas

Saturday, December 22, at 7pm


These past two months and, presently, December have presented us with three holidays, Halloween/All Saints Day, Thanksgiving and Advent/Christmas.  Each holiday has brought its own emotional expectation.  Halloween/All Saints leaves us with the wonderment of the afterlife, Thanksgiving helps us ponder gratitude and Advent/Christmas help us prepare for a God who comes in the most unexpected ways.  The thought of mixing all three together takes away from each.

This is especially true with Christmas.  Christmas has such a family, cozy, secure feeling attached to it.  Just as you could not imagine mixing this vision with Halloween or Thanksgiving, how could you mix it with a funeral?  Yet that is where many of our family and friends find themselves every year.  Many have suffered a death of a loved one, a divorce, a job loss or a new challenge of living with cancer.  (These are just a few, life presents us with many more.)  Merriment around these situations can be like salt on an open wound, reminding them of what was and what will never be. 


That is why Gray United Methodist Church will be offering a Blue Christmas worship experience.  On the longest night of the year, Saturday December 22, Gray UMC will open its doors at 7pmTears will be welcome as we longingly read God’s promises, recite the words of our ancient brothers and sisters and sing songs of hope.  Each participant will be invited to come forward and light a candle to represent their loss.  Our worship will be a reflective place for all who grieve and honor the human emotions that surround loss.  Our time together will represent our long struggle before the light of Christ shines fully.  We invite you to join us, Saturday December 22 at 7pm in our chapel for a worship experience entitled “Blue Christmas”….Pastor Amy

Milligan College Concert Choir and Orchestra- Sept 30th

The Milligan College Concert Choir and Orchestra

The Milligan College Concert Choir, Heritage Choir and Orchestra will provide the music for an all music worship service at Gray United Methodist Church in Gray, Tennessee, on Sunday, September 30, at 11 a.m.  
Please join us for a wonderful worship service with a lunch to follow.
Read the official press release here.
Find us at 2108 Oak St, Gray TN 37615

 Milligan College Choir

Milligan College Concert Choir

The Milligan College Concert Choir is an auditioned ensemble that proudly upholds a long tradition of choral excellence within the Christian liberal arts context of the college.



August 5-26thImagine

Jesus claims that His followers will do even greater things than He has done; this takes imagination.  Our four-week series ‘Imagine’ will seek to both open our doors of creativity and compel us to bring to life the ‘greater things.’

Anchored, A LifeSong Sermon Series for May

In Paul’s letter to the Colossians he tells them that if they are serious about living out the new resurrection life in Jesus they need to  actively do so.  He instructs them to,  “Pursue the things over which Christ presides…Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ – that’s where the action is.  See things from his perspective.” Col. 3:1-3.  As Christians, we find ourselves constantly challenged by a world that applauds self-achievement, self-advancement, and self-promotion.  It is imperative that amidst these often contradictory voices that we turn our eyes upon Jesus and not allow ourselves to simply conform to the loudest voices of the world.  Rather, as Paul exhorts in Romans 12:2, we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

This mindset is what allowed four Hebrew teenagers exiled to Babylon to remain faithful to God in a pagan, foreign, nation.  Our new Lifesong sermon series ANCHORED – We Will Not Be Moved will use the book of Daniel to explore the challenges of living out our faith in a world that seeks its own benefit at every turn.  Join us at 9am beginning this Sunday, May 6th and going through May27th during the LifeSong worship service at 9am, to be encouraged to NOT BE MOVED.

What we deserve

A LifeSong Sermon Series
April 1- April  22
Everyone seems to think their efforts deserve something; compensation, love, prestige … etc.  The Bible is quite clear about what we deserve — Death.  It is only the death and resurrection of Jesus that allows us to receive something other than what we deserve.  This four-part series will explore the depth of forgiveness God has extended to us in and through Jesus that we might flourish as He always intended.

“The Cleansing,” A LifeSong Sermon Series

The Cleansing

A LifeSong Sermon Series

February 18th — March 11th,  9:15am

As we journey through the season of Lent, we are compelled to examine ourselves under the revealing light of Jesus. What are the evils that lie beneath keeping us from the life God has purposed for us?

In this four-week series we will allow the light of Christ to both reveal and restore; a much needed cleansing!

We will use the story of Naaman from 2Kings to:

Week 1: Acknowledge our sin and our need to be cleansed
Week 2: Actively move towards God for cleansing
Week 3: Navigate the world’s pushback on our pursuit of cleansing
Week 4: Maintain the cleansing God has done


Pastor Bryan